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Algonquin College Achievement Centre Summer Program

Please see the attached poster if you are interested in signing up for the Algonquin College Achievement Centre Summer program.

Summer Wellness Resources

Please refer to the following posters on the Mental Health and Well-Being Summer Program Plan:

Summer Program Plan

Registration Summer Poster

The Importance of Routine Tip Sheet

August Wellness Calendar

Phone Line Support

Make The Cut for Grade 12 Students with Special Education Needs Planning to Attend Post Secondary Education Next Year

VIRTUAL Paul Menton Centre Make the CUT 2022

Grade 12 Spring Session

12:45 to 3:00 PM

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Open to Grade 12 students with ALL disabilities planning to attend post secondary next year - Educators and Parents welcome, too!

Deadline: Registrations will be accepted up to 4:00 PM, Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities (PMC), Carleton University, is pleased to announce this VIRTUAL Grade 12 Spring Session of the transition program - Make the CUT. This session is designed for Grade 12 students who have a disability and are planning to attend post secondary next year.

Grade 12 Students have been through a very challenging 2 years of school with COVID.

We want to raise their comfort level as they move on to post-secondary.

The theme of this event is HOPE! As well as highlighting strategies and resources to help prepare for this transition, we will also offer information related to self-exploration, connectedness, and resilience that these incoming students can develop to ease this journey. Session presenters have incorporated these strategies into their presentations and will be wonderful highlights and practical in their use! The Transition Session has added a Summer Plan for students to help them kickstart their planning for their Fall Term. There will also be added Q & A throughout the afternoon so that we can interact with our audience!

Please reach out to Shannon Saturno( to register your child for this event.

Literacy Drop-In Sessions for Students Writing the OSSLT in May

The following sessions have been organized to help students prepare for the Literacy Test in May. We encourage students to drop in using the Meet links below for extra support.

Monday, March 21st at 3:00: Writing a Series of Paragraphs with Mrs. Saturno, Meet Link:

Tuesday, March 22nd at 3:00: Answering Short Answer Questions with Mrs. Egan, Meet Link:

Wednesday, March 23 at 3:00: Answering Multiple Choice Questions with Mr. Cottrell, Meet Link:

Literacy Test for Grade 10 Students

The second round of literacy testing will occur at 20 Graham Avenue between May 9-11. If you wish your child to write the test in person, please complete this form.

OSSLT Resources

The Literacy Test will be held on May 9-11 for grade 10 students at 20 Graham Avenue from 8:45 am onwards. The test consists of two sessions, A and B, and each session is designed to be completed in 60 minutes. The school will provide chromebooks for students to write the test. Here is the link to the OSSLT Framework. Here is a link to some OSSLT resources. The literacy blitz will run from March 8-10. After school literacy classes begin on February 21st. Students can register with this link.

Grad Photo Retakes April 11th

The next photo session for grad photo retakes is April 11 at Salvation Army Ottawa Citadel 1350 Walkley Rd, K1T 3K9. Here is the link to book your grad photos: Bookmygrad booking-POP UP Studio April 11, 2022, and please use “VTG” as the school code to correctly identify the proper school from the drop-down menu when booking their appointment.

High School Letters of Intervention and Interviews

Dear Parents and Guardians of St. Josephine Bakhita Virtual Academy,

High school letters of intervention will be emailed to parents on March 10th at 3 pm. We will be holding Parent-Teacher Interviews for the upper grades (9-12) on Thursday, March 24th from 2:00 – 7:00 pm. This year, you will be able to schedule your Parent-Teacher Interviews online. If you wish to schedule a meeting with any of your child's teachers, please follow the instructions printed further down the page.

You will be able to make appointments from March 10th at 3:00 pm to March 21st at 4:00 pm.


1. Go to the scheduling webpage at

2. Enter the Parent Code (printed below) and click "Sign In"

Please make a note of your Confirmation #

3. Fill in your contact information and click "Continue to Make Appointments"

4. Click on the name of a teacher with whom you wish to schedule an appointment

5. Click on "Available" for a time at which you wish to have your meeting

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you have scheduled all the teachers you wish to meet

7. Click on "My Schedule" (top left of the page)

8. Print out, email or copy down your schedule

The Parent Code for this term is


Do not share this code with anyone outside your school community

Should you wish to delete an appointment you have made, click on "Delete" beside the meeting you wish to have removed from your schedule.

If you misplace your schedule, you may use your Confirmation # to retrieve your schedule from the website at any time. If you need help using the service, please email

We look forward to speaking with you.


The Teachers and Administration of St. Josephine Bakhita Virtual Academy

Parent Information Night Resources

Please select this link to view the grade 8 myBlueprint presentation.

Please select this link to view the grade 9-11 myBlueprint presentation.

Please select this link to view the grade 6 Parent Information Night presentation.

Grade 9 Destreamed Courses 2022-2023

Please select this link for more information on grade 9 destreamed courses for 2022-2023.

MyBlueprint Presentations and Course Carousel

Click HERE to view the grade 8 myBlueprint presentation.

Click HERE to view the grade 9 myBlueprint presentation.

Click HERE to view the grade 10 myBlueprint presentation.

Click HERE to view the grade 11 myBlueprint presentation.

Click HERE to view the Course Carousel.

St. Josephine Virtual High School Educator Builds Inclusive Communities Online

Please select this link to view the article on how St. Josephine builds an inclusive community online.

Peer Tutoring

Please select this link if you would like your son/daughter to receive peer tutoring.

Winter 2022 Virtual Night School Here

Extra-Curricular Activities

Please select this link to view grade 7-8 extra-curricular activities being offered at St. Josephine.

Please select this link to view high school extra-curricular activities being offered at St. Josephine.

Students of the Month

Each month, St. Josephine awards a Student of the Month Certificate and Chapters gift card to a student in each grade based on nominations submitted by teachers. Here are the criteria on which decisions are made:

Community and Citizenship-works on improving our world for the betterment of others

Character-qualities essential for being personally effective in a complex world including: grit, tenacity, perseverance, resilience, reliability, leadership, and honesty.

Communication-the student uses a variety of tools to connect with the right audience

Critical Thinking-the student applies information and knowledge in the real world

Collaboration-the student uses their talents and abilities while accepting, valuing and building upon the strengths that others bring to the table

Creativity-the student thinks outside the box, is resourceful, and takes risks to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems

Please select this link to view the winners of September's Student of the Month Awards.

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