Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships

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When people think about the skilled trades, several immediately spring to mind – electrician, plumber, welder, carpenter, for example.  But opportunities in the skilled trades are much more extensive.  From hairstylist to cook, painter to landscaper, automotive service technician to crane operator – and so many more.

List of Trades in Ontario

What is the first step in becoming a tradesperson?

Investigate our Technology courses and programs to find an area that interests you. 


Co-operative education is available to students in Gr. 10-12 and can provide valuable on the job experiences for your future apprenticeship in addition to earning credits.

Once I find an area of interest what do I do next?

Gain some experience in the trade or area you are interested in.

Talk to your guidance counsellor about Co-op and the OYAP Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. Click HERE to see more information about OYAP on our school board website.

Also consider a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

Ask about the Algonquin Dual Credit Program.

When I leave St. Josephine what is the next step to entering into my trade?

To become a skilled trades person you must first become an Apprentice. Apprenticeship is an agreement between an individual (apprentice) who wants to learn a trade and an employer who is an experienced worker.

You must find an employer who is willing to hire and train you. Most people apply directly to an employer, union or local committee.

Several government services, such as Job Connect or your local Employment Ontario office, can help you get started in the more than 150 skilled trades that can be learned through apprenticeship training.

Here is a very useful site for starting an apprenticeship in Ontario:

For other helpful information and job listings visit:

Some other useful sites for learning more about apprenticeship and how to get started:

In School Training

To complete an apprenticeship you will likely need to complete an in-class portion of your training. You will not be able to register for this until you have been accepted as an apprentice and started your training. Below is the link to the Apprenticeship training programs offered at Algonquin College.

Have an interest in the trades but want to gain more knowledge and experience first?

Try a college program in a skilled trade or a pre trades program. Here is a great resource for Ontario college programs in the trades:

Here are some examples of programs at Algonquin College: