How to Apply to College

Information on Applying in Ontario

A recommended site for browsing available programs is:

Ontario College Application Service (OCAS)

Applying to Ontario Colleges is done online through OCAS (Ontario College Application Service). Website:

The OCAS deadline for applications is February 1, 2023 for equal consideration.

To see the Google Slide Presentation on how to apply visit: Applying to College

Special Notes on Applications:

  1. The cost to apply for up to 5 program choices is $95.00. No more than 3 program choices can be made at one college.

  2. To apply you will need your 9-digit Ontario Education Number (OEN) from Student Services (this is also located on your Status Sheet and all of your Ontario Report Cards).

  3. The easiest and recommended method of payment is credit card.

  4. All academic information (courses, marks) will be uploaded automatically to Ontario Colleges by your school throughout the year.

  5. For out of province colleges, the student must apply directly to the college. Check the college's website for application information and deadlines.

  6. Please ensure that you have the appropriate high school prerequisite courses for your program choices before applying.

  7. Colleges do offer early acceptance, just like some universities may. You can get an offer of admission as early as Nov. 1st.

What if I don’t get accepted?

  • Think about upgrading marks in Summer School or Adult Education. Colleges will still accept students up until September for some programs. As well, many programs have a January start date as well.

  • Consider academic upgrading through the colleges. For example, Algonquin College has a program to allow you to gain the college requirements on campus. Check this website for more information:

Academic Assistance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (AAADD) Program at Algonquin College

AAADD offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to further develop their academic skills as well as build social skills within a college environment. Students work on individualized materials at their own place with the assistance of the class counsellor in both literacy and numeracy. The current events, computers, job search, and life skills subject involve group work. For More Information See: