Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

General Awards Information

Apply for School Community and School Board Awards Here (opens in February)

There are countless scholarships and bursaries available to students entering universities and colleges. It will take some research on your part. Not all scholarships are based on marks. All students should examine the selection criteria very carefully. Many applications will require letters of reference and all will have application deadlines. Please ensure that you provide sufficient time to those who will be writing letters of reference (at least one week).

School Awards

All graduating students are considered for school awards. Not all awards have a monetary component. A school committee selects the recipients based on applications - academics, extra-curricular involvement, faith development, and at times financial need.

OCSB School Board Awards

These awards recognize specific students. Most require an application, some require an interview, and are all selected by school board staff.

Community Awards

These awards you need to submit the community application Google form to be considered. There are a number of local community groups who sponsor these awards.

Outside Agency Scholarships and Bursaries

These may be corporations, agencies, small businesses, volunteer organizations, etc. Note that many of these scholarships are not academic. Look very carefully at the selection criteria. These require research, the websites below are a great place to start. Finally, check your own networks for scholarships through your own or your parent's workplace, union, community organization, club, etc.

University/College Scholarships

a) Entrance Scholarships are automatically offered upon admission (usually a min. 80% ave. at Carleton/Ottawa U)

b) Other Awards and Scholarships require individual application. See Scholarships and Awards on university and college websites for further information for criteria and offerings. You can be considered for these once you have decided to apply to/are accepted to a program at the institution. These are found on the financial aid page of the school's website. Here are the links for our local universities and college but all schools in Canada will have a page like this.